Win a Signed Print of Cold Days by Chris McGrath

The print, isn't it gorgeous?

The print, isn't it gorgeous?

At the start of this big Dresden Mania thing—how are you liking it so far, anyway?—we promised there would be a second free giveaway that’s especially interesting for diehard fans of The Dresden Files. Well, today, it is time for that giveaway!

Courtesy of Chris McGrath, we are giving away a signed print of his artwork for Cold Days. It’s an awesome, 13×19 inch semi-gloss piece of awesome art. Or to quote Garrett, who owns one of these prints: “It’s gorgeous, high quality-ness that is pretty much the perfect size for framing and hanging on a wall.”

It will look awesome in a frame

It will look awesome in a frame

To enter to win this signed print of McGrath’s amazing art, all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell us what your favorite moment in The Dresden Files is. One random commentator will be chosen to win the print. We will be using some of the best moments in an article we’re publishing on Tuesday, so if you don’t want us to use your comment, do mention that.

This contest ends on Tuesday November 27th (a.k.a. Cold Day), at 23:59 Eastern Standard Time, and is open to US citizens only.

And, while the giveaway is open to US only, Chris is more than willing to take international orders!  More info on his website.

If you’d like to learn more about Chris McGrath and his wonderful art work, don’t forget to check out the interview Garrett did with him here.

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  1. Nice pic…great detail! 🙂

  2. That is an awesome idea for a giveaway.

    One of my favorite scenes was when Dresden and Molly were in the tree house. Molly was still in highschool and she had some wild clothes and piercings. So, while she chatted with Dresden, she changed into moderate school clothes and removed all her piercings – so her parents wouldn’t know – all the while not showing a bit of flesh to Dresden.

    I think they talked about handcuffs.

  3. *Big spoiler* My favourite moment in the Dresden Files is when Harry realizes he has to sacrifice himself to the Winter Queen to save his daughter. It was a moment that haunts me considering he has always walked the line so carefully.

  4. Such a great pic! I wish Harry really wore that hat. I buy Jim Butcher’s books in hard cover of paperback, not in e-form.

  5. I have many favorite moments, but chief among them is the zombie T-Rex powered by polka from Dead Beat… “Polka will never die!” indeed…

  6. I love McGrath’s artwork! I have so many favorite moments in TDF, but I’ll pick a funny, non-spoilery one: when Harry is snooping around Thomas’ apartment in White Night and the cops show up, forcing Harry to pretend to be Thomas’ ex-boyfriend. Hilarity ensues.

  7. My favorite moment in DresdenFiles was when Harry first saw Murphy with his wizard site. She came in as an angel for good. There are too few people in the world who care about others and are willing to do anything to protect a stranger. Murphy is the best type of person, and Dresden saw that.

  8. There are so many great moments in the book series, it is hard to pick just one. Trying to think of one now, my mind gets overwhelmed with flashes of different scenes that have happened. I have to go with when Harry kills Susan, I actually teared up at that part. It isn’t often a book gets to me that way.

  9. One of the coolest moments was the actual unveiling of the Blackstaff. Kind of like pulling out Excalibur.

  10. Ohh so hard just to pick on favorite moment. Since Murphy is my absolute favorite I would say the moment when Sanya said “Tiny, but fierce”. I am only five feet tall 🙂

  11. The entire series is my favorite moment :3
    But in all honesty, my favorite moment was when (Spoilers for Turn Coat) Injun Joe adjusted Shagnasty’s ass to ears ratio

  12. “There is, I think, humor here which does not translate well
    from English into sanity.” – Sanya, Knight of the Cross, Changes

  13. Favorite Dresden moment? Any time Harry and Uriel have a conversation.

  14. I have worked as a seamstress for many types of jobs, so Dresden in the cheesy vampire getup shocking the whole party will never leave me. 😀

  15. Where Dresden is mouthing off to the secretary at Vadderung. It just wouldn’t be fair if he didn’t mouth off to her when he’s sarcastic with everything else.

  16. Favorite Dresden moment? when Dresden raised the t-rex and charged with Butters on the drum

  17. My favorite moment is when Dresden realizes that after all his trouble to escape his fate, the Winter Queen ended up reviving him anyway.

  18. My favorite Dresden Files moment was the death of the Black Court vampire by frozen Butterball turkey. That image of everyone freezing in the middle of the battle and looking at it flopping on the ground, then going back to knocking the snot out of each other – it’s like Lovecraft spiced with a touch of Monty Python.

  19. One of my favorite moments, I believe it is Dead Beat but am not completely sure…Harry borrows a brand new SUV from Georgia and he and Butters drive it somewhere, but since Harry’s magic is not good with computer chips the door alarm keeps going off, saying “The door is ajar.” and Butters notes after a while that it is almost zen, “Life is a journey. Time is a river. The door is a jar.” Cracks me up every time.

  20. Harry bringing Sue the TRex to life!

  21. My favorite part is when the Gatekeeper is in awe of Harry for taming the genius loci of Demonreach when he could not.

  22. Harry running out of an inferno, carrying Mouse and his litter mates in his coat, chased by the fire-poo-flinging monkey-demon is one of the most memorable moments for me.

  23. My favorite moment(s) are any time Harry abruptly realizes how incredibly over his head he is in any given situation

  24. When Harry found out Thomas is his brother.

  25. My favorite moment
    would have to be the ending of Ghost story where harry willed himself into physical form.

  26. great cover art – i would love to win this!

  27. I love the scene where Harry and Thomas play at being estranged lovers. LOL So funny!

  28. Personally? My favorite memory was giving the books to my friend who was terminally ill to get him through some hard times.

    In the universe? The interaction between Mouse and Harry’s Godmother. 🙂

  29. My favourite moment was when Harry’s godmother modifies his outfit to be a suit of armour complete with helmet, at which point Harry takes off the helmet and says he “doesn’t do hats.” Why is it my favourite moment? Because despite the fact that he never wears a hat, he’s always depicted wearing a bloody fedora.

  30. My favorite moment in the series was probably the complete shocker that Dresden wasn’t dead after all. That one really screwed with my mind.

  31. Oh where to start? So many wonderful moments! I guess my favorite has to be in the very first, Storm Front. He and Murphy need to get away from the giant scorpion and she’s unconscious and handcuffed to him. The elevator, the wind up the shaft, the giant bug splat, the round energy shield to save them from the drop to the bottom. THAT’S when I realized I was going to LOVE reading these books. So, while there’s millions of others, that one scene started me down the road to this wonderful Dresdenverse I’m so hooked on!

  32. I think my favorite moment is the Za Lord’s guard slaying the summer lady with box cutters.

  33. When I learned Harry had actually hired Kincaid to kill himself. Blew me away.

  34. My favorite moment without a doubt has to be when Dresden and Butters (complete with one man polka band regalia) are crashing through the city streets astride Sue. One massive zombie t-rex + one beat up wizard + one geeky M.E. = priceless.

  35. I love anything with Toot Toot.

  36. Wow, this is tough, there are just too many moments…. ::thinks:: I’m thinking that it’s gotta be the moment that Harry figures out that he has a brother. It’s amazing how that one little detail changes his life.

  37. Polka will never die!!!!

  38. The scenes with the Archive being a normal little girl are my favorite.

  39. Murphy with a chainsaw.

  40. Zombie T-rex powered by a one man polka band.

  41. I have so many favorite scenes, but I think that Harry riding Sue through the streets of Chicago is pretty far up there on my list.

  42. When Harry unleashes Toot on the Summer Lady.

  43. definitely has to be the flaming poop flinging monkey demons

  44. Probably the moment he walked into a vampire ball as a cheesy vampire.

  45. Favorite moment had to Harry fighting his way out of a burning building with monkeys throwing dung at him and he rescues the Fu puppies, one of which turns out to be Mouse.

  46. When Murphy kicks the ever loving piss out of the Red Court, wielding a sword of the cross. Badass chick? I think yes! 😀

  47. My favorite moment was when he realized he had to sacrifice Susan and that by doing so the ENTIRE red court would be wiped out. Which he cared nothing about. It was all a by-product of saving his child.

  48. I love the moment where the Gatekeeper realizes that Harry has claimed Demonreach and is stunned by his audacity in doing so, because it is the perfect microcosmic example for everything that Harry does. He does whatever he must (and thinks is morally right) to get the job done, and he often does an amazing thing simply because he doesn’t realize it’s something really challenging; or doesn’t let himself realize it.

  49. Hi,
    When Harry gets his dog. i love that dog!

  50. My favorite Dresden moment is when Harry escapes the eldest gruff by using his summer boon to ask for a freshly made doughnut with white frosting and sprinkles.

    It is this kind of ridiculousness that makes the series so enjoyable.

  51. My favorite is when Harry is at Blanca’s mansion when he turns the whole place into an inferno!

  52. Harry Dresden is the coolest PI since Humphrey Bogart as “Sam Spade”!

  53. Running with the box of puppies!

  54. Love the Dresden Files. One of my favorite moments (who could pick just one?) is in Turn Coat when the Gatekeeper is confronting Harry on the dock at Demonreach and the Gatekeeper tells him that he can see the possible futures and Harry’s chances of survival are almost non-existent and then Harry jumps onto the shore and asks something to the equivalent of “How about now?” No big spells in that scene. No fire. Just Harry being Harry.

  55. This ones easy:

    “I used the knife.
    I saved a child.
    I won a war.
    God forgive me.”

    this is the first time Harry REALLY gets the true weight of what he’s involved in and also an understanding of the cost of things. This is also one of the best examples of just how GOOD a writer Jim really is.

    I could have easily went with “So Mab….you hit that?” or any of a million other one liners, but I chose this because it gives us a good clue as to what’s coming.

  56. First thing I thought of was the immortal first line of Blood Rites, “The building was on fire, and it wasn’t my fault”. It’s so…Harry. 😀

  57. I love the moment when Harry takes the t-rex skeleton out for a spin on Halloween, carrying the polka playing Butters. It always makes me grin when I reread Dead Beat.

  58. I like the first time we see him at Mac’s. And the second. And the third…

  59. The Dread Pirate Grant

    My favorite moment was when Harry introduced Butters to the Alphas. “This is Waldo Butters, and his geek penis is longer and harder than all of ours put together”. Lol…ah geez. Still makes me smile. It’s classic Butcher tho. Snappy one liner that helps disarm an uncomfortable situation.

    Also, in case you were wondering that quote was from Turn Coat. I’m sharing that so others won’t make my mistake of googling “Butters geek penis”. *Shudders*

    You arrrrrrre Welcome.

  60. So many great moments, reading these posts bring back so many more, but I think one of the most emotional was Ghost Story, when Mister walks in the room and just thumps against Harry’s leg like nothing was different and the reaction of everyone in the room.

  61. My favorite moment in the series is when Harry picks up Lash’s coin to save little Harry. It got real dusty in my house, is all I’m saying.

    Well, that and when he finally get’s to hold his daughter at the end of Changes. I guess I am a sucker for kids.

  62. one moment? *one?!* tjea, right.
    I love the scene with dresden and sanya in changes where sanya first meets toot-toot. (something like “…and you’re going to consult large pizzas for guidance?” “yep.” “there is humor here which does not translate from english into sanity.”)
    POLKA WILL NEVER DIE! and zombie!sue aaand pretty much all of Dead Beat, really.
    the little shoutout to oceanographers in Small Favor made me squeal and do a little gleeful dance of the “OMG imanoceanographystudentanddresdenjusttalkedaboutmethereforeIAMINTHEDRESDENUNIVERSERIGHTNOWomgomgomg” sort.
    the fellowship scene and all of the other little cameos
    also the short story with Gard and the honey mead.
    and I succumbed to serious watery eye syndrome upon reading that exchange between harry and molly in Ghost Story (‘prove you’re harry’…’you will go to the dagobah system…’)

  63. Unfortunately I am not very far into the series, but so far one of my favorite scenes is when Harry and Michael attend Bianca’s party in Grave Peril.

  64. I think my favorite moment is when Harry found out that Thomas was his brother.

  65. But seriously, reading all these comments is making me want to re-read the whole series! 😀

  66. Definitely when Harry finds Mouse hiding in his car… and then Mouse attacks the black vamp. Sure sign that awesome things were coming from this pup.

  67. One of my favorite moments was when Harry was at the Shedd Aquarium and raised his fist to the otters in a sign of solidarity. Goofy as can be and COMPLETELY Dresden.

  68. When Harry strangles Nicodemus with his own hangman’s rope. Good way to try and kill someone by turning their strength into a weakness. Clever Harry…

  69. “In the name of the pizza lord, charge!!”

    Hands down my fav, pretty self explainitory to any Dresden fan lol

  70. My favorite moment Is in Grave Peril when Michael and Harry are at the vampires’ party and Harry is dressed like a cheesy film version of Dracula. Completely fearless with a huge helping of humor.

  71. My favorite moment is at the end of Dead Beats when Harry warns Mavra by saying he would accept the powers from everyone who has ever tempted him if she threatened Murphy ever again. What a great scene…

  72. My favorite part is the bit with Harry Dresden in it….

    Though points have to be given to POLKA WILL NEVER DIE!!!

  73. At the end of Changes: The Grey Council appearing and every ally Harry could muster up fighting to rescue Maggie and end the war once and for all. It’s hard to describe the ending battle in anything less than epic and a culmination of several books of build-up.

  74. I think one of my favorite moments has to be from Death Masks. Shiro’s death was one of the first times in the series that I was so emotionally upset that I cried almost hysterically (and I was in public…no shame). When Dresden finds Shiro and he gives Fidelacchius to Dresden, it opens up so much. If Shiro hadn’t have been able to hold on just long enough, Murphy would have never been able to use the sword in Small Favor. Then Dresden received the letter from Shiro dated weeks earlier…ugh, emotional overload all around.

  75. I’ll always have a special love of Susan’s “I’m not letting anyone lick me, and I’m not looking anyone in the eyes. It’s kind of like visiting New York.” comment about the Red Court Ball in Grave Peril. Though, the LotR lineup just before the battle in Changes is pretty awesome too.

    Then again, can I just say all of it? My favorite moment in the Dresden Files is the Dresden Files.

  76. My fav part is in White Night, when (after some foreshadowing) we
    finally learn what happened in the summer camp. Lasciel, hellfire, cold
    and brutal Harry. Simply amazing.
    “Never again.”

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