Top 5 Anticipation for December

The Ranting Dragon will highlight five of the most anticipated new releases each month, starting with December. That way, we hope to offer you a resource to help pick the next book you want to read. That is, after all, what book blogging is all about.

Here are the five novels to be released in December 2010 that we are looking forward to most:

1. The Buntline Special by Mike Resnick
Advertised as “A Weird West Tale,” The Buntline Special is publisher Pyr’s next steampunk novel, to be released on December 7. It contains guns and magic and has a gorgeous cover as well.
2. Darkwar by Glen Cook
Darkwar isn’t an entirely new release, but a re-release of the science fantasy Darkwar trilogy that first came out in 1985 and consists of DoomstalkerWarlock and Ceremony, coming out on December 14.
3. Alcatraz Versus The Shattered Lens by Brandon Sanderson
The fourth and -for now- final novel in Sanderson’s young adult series of comical and witty novels set in our own world, but where evil librarians have taken control of the world, will be released on December 1st.
4. Dream of Legends by Stephen Zimmer
Dream of Legends is the second volume in Zimmer’s epic fantasy series Fires in Eden. The book will be released in the third week of December by small press publisher Seventh Star Press.
5. Right Hand Magic by Nancy A. Collins
A new urban fantasy series titled Golgotham, set in a neighborhood in Manhattan, filled with strange and mythical creatures and magicians. Right Hand Magic will be released on December 7.

Check out the Anticipation section for more December releases, or take a look at our new upcoming releases feature tomorrow.

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