Sunday's Roundup (April 10, 2011)

Finale of the Suvudu Cagematch
For the last couple weeks, the people over at Suvudu organized a fantasy bracket consisting of a series of cagematches. The matches have been pretty epic so far, and the finale may be the best of them all, as Mistborn’s Vin and Malazan’s Quick Ben face off. A winner will be selected by the audience: you can vote for your winner until tomorrow! Who to vote for? What kind of question is that?! Vin, obviously. Who else?

The consolation match between Jon Snow and Perrin Aybara is now over, but it’s still worth checking out who won, though!


Vote for the Gemmell Awards
The Third Annual David Gemmell Legend Award for Fantasy is now open for voting. You can cast your votes for Best Debut, Best Fantasy and Best Cover Art. The books on the long lists are all pretty amazing, so making only one choice may be hard. However, a lot of the books on the list are also on the Locus Recommended Reading List, so we’ve been equipping you to make an informed choice, right?

The voting will run until the 20th of April. A shortlist will be announced at EasterCon in Birmingham, and more information will be put up on the Gemmell Awards website that weekend.


The 41st Annual Locus Awards
And speaking of the Locus Recommended Reading List, the final week of voting for the Locus Awards has commenced. The voting will take about ten minutes of your time, which is quite long, but if you consider the prizes we are offering you in return, it’s actually not that long at all.

Head over to our Locus Poll Voting Guide to be inspired to make a collection and get a chance to win one of three huge boxes of Tor books (each box includes seven Tor books, all released in 2011!) or one of three digital half-year subscriptions to the Locus Magazine.


Pornokitsch’s V Days of Rome
Despite their ridiculous (though inspired) name, I’ve always considered Pornokitsch to be one of the coolest genre blogs out there. This week, though, they have totally outdone themselves. For five days, they changed their blog into a Roman-themed website.

Though the five days ended on Friday (I’m still sad about that), they have a lot of great content for you to catch up on. How about a review with #1 Rome inspired author Sophia McDoughall—in not one, not two, but three parts, or a great article on Romans in Space?

My favorites, though, were the amazingly well-informed list of eight ways to topple an empire and the hilarious Ultimate Smackmatch Deathdown between Romans and Victorians.


Other interesting linkage!


Rounding up The Dragon
To conclude this Sunday’s Roundup, a lot has been going on at The Ranting Dragon as well. For those who missed it, here’s an overview:

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