State of the Dragon

Things have been kind of slow here at The Ranting Dragon recently.

Scratch that, things have been dead.

We’ve been slowly losing our momentum since the beginning of this year. Coupled with various factors that I will shortly cover in more detail, this has culminated in a pair of instances where our site produced no new publications for a few weeks at a time.

And we owe an apology for that.

See, here’s how it works in my brain. When we publish an article at The Ranting Dragon, we are making a promise to you, our readers. A promise of quality writing, of consistent examples of quality writing.

We’ve fallen short of this promise in recent days, and for that, you our readers have my sincerest apologies.

The catalyst proponent of this came about approximately six months ago. We’d been feeling the momentum start to drag in our publications and overall staff energy, so it was decided to try something new. After discussion, we reorganized the internal staff hierarchy and established a new publication schedule of six days/week. And it worked for a time. Yes, it was a tad on the ambitious side, but it created a goal, a sense of purpose and direction—which is what it was largely supposed to do.

One of our biggest speed bumps came due to life and human nature. At the beginning of July, two of the leading content creators for The Ranting Dragon left when it became clear to them that RD wasn’t going to cut it for what they wanted to do. I still miss both of them, and I’m wishing them the best in all their endeavors to come (Go check out their current projects at The Speculative Post).

Ever optimistic, we continued with the ambitious six-day publication schedule for about another month before realizing it simply wasn’t feasible. This was probably our largest mistake, refusing to adapt immediately to the changing situations. As more and more of our staff members’ time was taken up by life, the incoming content flow started dwindling—while our content output remained the same. We adjusted our publication schedule slightly to attempt to accommodate the situation, but not enough—it eventually culminated in something I’ve never seen in my time as staff here at The Ranting Dragon: we ran out of content in our backlog.

Where does that leave us?

Well, the radio silence of the site for the last few weeks has been a conscious, deliberate choice to give our backlog a chance to build back up again. We’ve stumbled and scraped our knees, yes, but we’re slowly but surely getting our feet back underneath of us. I hope to start publications again on November 11th, which brings us to the new schedule. Starting on November 11th, we will be publishing content on Mondays and Wednesdays, with Fridays as a “maybe,” depending on the week and the content availability.

And what can you expect from The Ranting Dragon now? At this juncture, it will largely be more of what we’ve produced in the past: solid, critical reviews of speculative fiction. Interspersed with the reviews will be the occasional genre list, interview, and cover art reveal. Sure, we’re going to be a bit smaller-scale than in the past, but I’ll sacrifice quantity over quality any day of the week.

These changes aren’t all bad. It’s forced us to take a step back and do some self-evaluating that’s been long overdue. We’re not what we once were, nor should we be. In fact, most of these changes are mostly for the better, and will ultimately lead to a stronger, more efficient Ranting Dragon.

Thanks so much to everyone, both staff and readers, for your time, talents, and patience for sticking with us thus far. We’re past the rockiest part of the road, hopefully, and just need time to get through the spin-up to a new and improved Ranting Dragon. 🙂


About Garrett Jones

Garrett Jones
An avid musician, Garrett is a music director and accompanist for the theatre by day and an all-around geek by night. …Well, he’s both all day, everyday, if we’re being completely honest. He enjoys gaming both on and off the table, karaoke, frisbee, and a good drink with good company. Garrett is also a beta-reader for authors Jim Butcher and Tom Sniegoski. Nightcrawler is his spirit animal, How to Train Your Dragon is his happy place, and he is able to do a mean Hiccup impersonation.

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  1. Janea S

    Thanks for the shout out! I still wish all of you here at RD nothing but the best!

  2. I’ve stumbled the Ranting Dragon pretty recently but it is a very well organized website, your reviews are wonderful, I really like your posts! As both a reader and a writer I understand these ‘introspective’ moments and I hope you guys continue coming back for us. Wishing you all the best. 🙂

  3. It’s awesome to see that the site hasn’t shut down completely. But yeah, sometimes stepping back and re-evaluating is definitely needed, and I find that it often leads to better things after the lull has passed. Best luck in the future, and I look forward to seeing posts again!

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