Sacrifice of the First Sheason

It’s not enough to merely shape the world.” At least not for Peter Orullian, according to his publisher Tor. Orullian’s upcoming debut novel The Unremembered was the very first book we featured in our Anticipation series and is, to date, the 2011 novel I’m most looking forward to.

Orullian, however, seems determined to offer a lot more than just a ‘simple’ epic fantasy series. Therefore, he will be publishing no less than eleven short stories, set in the world of his Vault of Heaven series but independent of the books.

The first of these stories, Sacrifice of the First Sheason, has been published on the website. One more will be published there, while the remaining nine will appear on Orullian’s own website.

The Unremembered, the first novel in the Vault of Heaven series, will be published by Tor on April 12. Check out Sacrifice of the First Sheason now; it will be well worth your time.

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Stephan van Velzen
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