Review of DC Comics’ New 52: O.M.A.C.

As a newcomer to the DC universe, I knew absolutely nothing about O.M.A.C. However, a quick Google search indicated that it is a group of powerful cyborgs first created in June of 2005. This issue focuses on one in particular, a man who appears to be cybernetically controlled through some means and is being used as a weapon for someone or something’s personal desires. O.M.A.C. #1 is the most action-packed introduction to a comic that I have ever read, and I am incredibly pleased with it.

20 pages of awesome
From the very first pages, this story had me absolutely hooked. O.M.A.C. shows up at a laboratory and kicks some serious ass while searching for something. He’s being controlled through some means and is receiving orders. He’s pretty much unstoppable, despite what the defense wants to throw at him. He’s a blue Hulk-esque giant with a badass electric mullet, and there is seriously nothing capable of stopping him.

You better do what he says.

The few other characters are introduced nicely, and the general vibe and culture of the comic is doing a great job of introducing me to the world that I’m eagerly interested in throwing myself into. There’s a massively gigantic corporation, an unwilling hero/villain (I’m unclear as to what O.M.A.C. really is right now) and a bit of a love interest—seriously, what more is there to want out of a comic?

A great introduction to a previously unheard of superhero
As I mentioned, I have no idea who O.M.A.C. is or was in the DC Universe, but this comic has done a fantastic job of thrusting me into the world without absolutely confusing me. I’m pretty sure that the guys at DC were aware that people might not be familiar with him, so they made sure that no one would be overwhelmed with information or left feeling bewildered.

Will I buy the next issue?
Absolutely. Out of all the comics I’ve read and am going to be reviewing this week, this is the story that I’m looking forward to continuing most of all.

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