Bring me back to the forums!

Dear reviewer,

Welcome to The Lean Mean Ranting Rating Machine!

And it is time to rate the book you have just reviewed. If this is your first rating, please pay careful attention to the questions and their descriptions. Try to answer as precise as possible, as to create a rating that is as acurate as possible.

After answering the questions, make sure you didn't miss any. The machine won't notice if you missed something, while it may cost your book as much as a quarter star. Best look over the questions once to make sure you selected an answer at every one of them.

When you are done answering questions, you will submit them, and the machine will calculate your rating. This rating is a number between 0 and 505. Every one of these numbers corresponds with a number of stars. There are 20 regular possibilities and two bonus possibilities for very special books, that we might never need. The number of this rating is what you put in the "Rating" Custom Field in your review. It will automatically generate the right image, based on the rating.

Without further ado, I present you with The Ranting Rating Machine. Have a lot of fun!

Beam me up to the book test, Scotty!

I'd rather rate a film, show, or comic!