Ranting Dragon’s Favorite… Bachelor(ette)!

Have you ever had a huge crush on a fictional character? I bet you have! Haven’t we all,? I’m quite convinced even some authors are in love with their characters. Why else would they write them so hopelessly amazing, right? Well, we at The Ranting Dragon love us some characters as well.

Here are, in no particular order, our favorite bachelor(ette)s:


Aviendha from The Wheel of Time
By Stephan
Everyone knows Robert Jordan couldn’t write female characters. Aviendha is no exception. She is stereotyped and makes absolutely no sense—which makes me wonder how well Mr. Jordan understood women. However, she’s also free, has great morals, and beats most any man in battle. And she’s a redhead. Too bad she had to hook up with that one arrogant dude (whaa, spoilers!) in the later books.
Molly Carpenter from The Dresden Files
By Garrett
Her natural hair color is blonde, but it goes through various incarnations—cotton candy blue and pink, magenta highlights, green tips, deep purple. She also has various tattoos, and a number of piercings—though that number has been steadily decreasing as she progresses in her training. Skilled in subtle magics, especially verisimilomancy (illusions), she was nearly executed by the White Council of Wizards when her powers first emerged. Molly is the daughter of a Knight of the Cross, and is the apprentice to wizard Harry Dresden, to boot. Tall, leggy, and with the build of a model, Molly is, as fellow wizard Carlos Ramirez puts it, “fine.”
Kvothe from The Kingkiller Chronicles
By Manon
Essentially, Kvothe is a bachelor, right? I mean, he’s not in a relationship with Denna. I think he’s hot—he’s wise, a talented musician, a red-head… Etcetera. And Kaladin from the Stormlight Archive comes a close second. Hot!!!
Nicolas Marciac from The Cardinal’s Blades
By Michelle
Whenever someone says bachelor I think of the Marciac, resident party boy in The Cardinal’s Blades. Sure, he’s a bit of a cad and has a slight gambling problem, but these may be forgiven in a dashing Frenchman, especially one who fights cultists and dragons for a living. He has a uncanny knack for appearing at exactly the right moment to lend a hand, especially to the ladies. He’s also charming, witty and good with his rapier. What more could you want?
Kaladin from The Way of Kings
By Rebecca and Julia
Kaladin from Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings has everything a girl could ask for in a dreamy fantasy man. He can be dark and brooding, but he is willing to give his very life for what he believes is right. He’s strong, rugged, determined, magical, and a bit of a bad boy. Tall, dark and handsome plus emotional turmoil? Hot stuff.


Do you dare ‘fess up your favorite bachelor or bachelorette? Let us know in the comments below, or on the forums!

About Stephan van Velzen

Stephan van Velzen
A 31 year-old Communications student, Stephan loves publicity and design, particularly web design. When he’s not designing websites, he can be found in a comfy chair reading a fantasy book. In The Ranting Dragon, he has found a way to combine these passions and discover a new love for writing to boot. Stephan lives in a small town in The Netherlands with his wife Rebecca, an editor for The Ranting Dragon, and their two cats.

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