Ranting Dragon’s Favorite Ancient Mythology

In the few millennia since men started building fires and speaking words to each other, they have created a very colorful history. One of the historic topics that best captures our imagination is ancient mythology. It is intriguing and amazing to see the creations of those that walked our planet before us. Brandon Sanderson may be today’s most popular worldbuilder, yet he is nothing compared to the worldbuilders of our past.

This week, our team looks at ancient mythologies. Here are our favorites:


Egyptian Mythology
By Caitrin
What is my favorite ancient mythology? That is a hard question to answer! But if I had to choose it would definitely be Egyptian. There is just something about the Egyptians and their mythology that interests me every time. Roman, Greek, or Celtic mythologies are all interesting, but Egyptian mythology will beat ’em every time for me.
North-Western European Mythology
By Michael
My default answer would have been Greek, but there have been some really great novels lately (I’m looking at you, Kevin Hearne) which draw upon the Celtic mythos with a liberal helping of Norse. Let’s say my answer is North-Western European mythology.
Greek Mythology
By Rebecca
Perhaps the most familiar, and certainly the one that comes to mind first when I think of classic, Greek mythology has enough drama to keep one entertained for years. Their gods are just normal everyday fallible people… except with ultimate power, and accountable to no one but themselves!
Mesopotamian Mythology
By Stephan
A couple years ago, I spent two years studying Theology. Biblical history has always intrigued me, and the mythology that is most interwoven with Jewish history is that of Mesopotamia. What’s more, while all other mythologies have similarities, Mesopotamian mythology is different. It is much more mysterious, and has many more connections to science, with many elements like astrology and astronomy. Just think of the three Wise Men who found baby Jesus by following the stars. More than in any other mythology, one is left wondering how much of it is rooted in truth.
Norse Mythology
By Ashik
The Norse had some crazy awesome stories, with multiple dimensions, frost giants, an epic doomsday prophesy, talking animals, magical weapons as well as one-eyed badasses.


What’s your favorite mythology? Let us know in the comments below!

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Stephan van Velzen
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