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The Ranting Dragon is always looking for new books to review. We accept submissions from authors and publishers as long as the works are part of the fantasy genre. Typically, we review novels, novellas, short stories, anthologies and comic books. We will also review TV series when they are based on books within the fantasy genre. Any subgenre or cross-genre is accepted, such as paranormal romance, alternative history and literature that includes a world building or mystical/supernatural component.

We aim to review books from a variety publishers. Our goal is for 70% of our reviews to cover books from mainstream publishers and 30% from smaller, independent publishing houses. Since our mission is to be a resource for fantasy fans to choose their next book, we only accept books that are published or scheduled to be published. While we do accept ebook submissions, hard copies are preferred.

Our owner, Stephan van Velzen, will process review submissions. To make a submission, fill out the form below. Stephan will then circulate the information you submitted to the Staff Writers who will decide whether or not to review it. If one of our writers is interested in reviewing your submission, Stephan will provide you with their contact information.

The Ranting Dragon does not receive compensation for any reviews or articles we publish. We try to evaluate each book as objectively as possible. A review is the opinion of the author of that review only and does not reflect the opinion of all reviewers on the site.



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