Meet the Editorial Team

Location: Utah, USA
Brief Bio: Rebecca, a 24-year-old from Arizona, is a born bibliophile and wordsmith. She began “reading” books out loud at 1 ½ years old, and was really reading and writing by the age of 3. By age 12, she knew she wanted to be an author. Since high school, she has been the go-to girl for all her friends’ essay editing needs. When Rebecca isn’t busy working or editing articles for RD, she enjoys reading and writing fantasy and occasionally science fiction. She also occasionally plays video games. She currently works providing relay calls for deaf and hard of hearing people. She lives with her husband and shiba inu in an apartment near Salt Lake City. Rebecca is currently reading the Wheel of Time series.
What she finds important in a novel: Rebecca isn’t usually a picky reader. She’ll lose interest in a book if too many factors are weak, but as long as the overall product is strong, individual factors don’t matter as much.
Favorite Fantasy Authors: Rebecca’s ultimate favorite author is Brandon Sanderson. She also quite likes Timothy Zahn, Jane Lindskold, Tamora Pierce, Sharon Shinn, and Shanna Swendson.
Favorite Fantasy Sub-Genres: Rebecca enjoys many sub-genres, including epic or high fantasy, low fantasy, magic realism, mythic, sword and sorcery, heroic fantasy, adventure, science fantasy, and young adult.
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Staff writer and editor
Location: Virginia, USA
Brief Bio: As an avid musician, gamer, and reader, Garrett is an accompanist by night and an all-around nerd by day. And vice versa. Other hobbies include ultimate frisbee, RPGs (both on and off the table), and lurking various forums (just waiting for the right thread to pounce on). He is also a Disciple of the Snark, inserting the occasional witty comment into conversation. He has recently realized that his life really can be defined by Billy Joel’s music.
What he finds important in a novel: Writing Style, Pacing, Premise, Creativity, Predictability.
Favorite Fantasy Authors: Jim Butcher, R.A. Salvatore, Kevin Hearne, Kat Richardson, Tom Sniegoski.
Favorite Fantasy Sub-Genres: Urban Fantasy, Epic Fantasy, Sword and Sorcery.
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Editor and Guest Reviewer
Location: Somewhere in Northern Ontario
Brief Bio: Julia grew up reading anything and everything she could get her hands on, eventually stumbling upon The Wheel of Time, thus solidifying her fate as a life-long fantasy nerd. Recently graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, Julia enjoys long winded discussions about the state of the world and feminist politics. Her favourite things (in no particular order) are cats, ABBA, wine and laughing so hard her insides hurt. If Julia could have any career in the world, she would be an astronaut. However, since she has terrible eyesight and little motivation to become physically fit, she is setting her sights on an entry level position pretty much anywhere. In her spare time (when she’s not reading or working on RD stuff), Julia watches terrible TV shows, goes hiking, sits on couches in trendy coffee shops and listens to music much too loudly.
Favorite Fantasy Authors: Patrick Rothfuss, Brandon Sanderson, Robert Jordan, Scott Lynch
Favorite Fantasy Sub-Genres: High/epic fantasy, adventure
What she finds important in a novel: Creative and thoughtful worldbuilding; intricate plots and political intrigue; strong, believable female characters; and a little bit of humour.
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Occasional editor and reviewer
Location: Neverland
Brief Bio: Marnie is quite a silly person, with a head full of dreams and impossible imaginings. She has an almost unhealthy love for her hair and spends far too much time brushing it and even talking to it on occasion. Marnie spends most of her time braving the treacherous passages of Barnes and Noble, cursing those who can’t seem to put books back on the shelves and mocking the fools who try to use a Borders gift card to pay for their purchases. If she ever obtains the gift of flight, she plans to take off immediately for the second star to the right and straight on ’til morning.
Favorite Fantasy Authors: Brandon Sanderson, Patrick Rothfuss, William Goldman, Scott Lynch, John Connolly, Frank Beddor, J.K. Rowling, and Cassandra Clare (<–guilty pleasure)
Favorite Fantasy Sub-Genres: Marnie don’t believe in labels, sucka! In all seriousness, though, Marnie is simply not all that picky and will read just about any fantasy book as long as it comes with a good (and reliable) recommendation.
What Marnie finds important in a novel: well-developed characters and an intriguing, unpredictable plot are all Marnie -really- needs, though a little bit of humor is always nice, too.
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