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  1. It’s been (& will be continue to be) a crazy busy week for me, but I did spend over an hour on the Arishok baltte in Dragon Age II. Had to save my sweet Isabela from him!! I’m a rogue with no bow abilities yes, I made it hard on myself. I find action RPGs harder than turn-based. I like the strategy in the turn-based systems. I always find I rush head-long into baltte in action systems. Well, this time I ran like my rear was on fire picking & choosing my spots backstabbing, using twin fangs & miasmic flasks. I FINALLY beat him!!! I read that SMT IV is coming out for the 3DS. I’m sad about that. A number a years ago I picked up a PSP. It was my first handheld. It taught me that I’m not a handheld gamer. I have little opportunity to play games if I’m not home, & my close-up vision continues to get worse (I can see fine when things are 3 feet or more away). Oh, well, I’ll always have Nocturne!!!!

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