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Jo Walton's Among Others

Something completely different from the books I usually talk about in our Anticipation articles is Among Others, a novel by Jo Walton that will be released on January 18 by Tor. This book is set in the 1970’s, and it …

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Spellwright by Blake Charlton

Blake Charlton’s Spellwright is set in a world where the ability to understand the written word is the key to being a Spellwright – a person who can wield magic. Nicodemus Weal was once perceived to be the Halycon, a …

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Sacrifice of the First Sheason

“It’s not enough to merely shape the world.” At least not for Peter Orullian, according to his publisher Tor. Orullian’s upcoming debut novel The Unremembered was the very first book we featured in our Anticipation series and is, to date, …

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