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Twitter has much to add to the world of fantasy books. A couple days back, Peter V. Brett wrote about one of his best friends, Myke Cole, who landed a three-book deal with Penguin/Putnam. After searching for some more information, I stumbled upon two descriptions of Latent, Cole’s first book, to be published in 2012, describing it as a fantasy about military contractors who are also magicians, and as a military fantasy where X-Men meets Black Hawk Down.

Though it isn’t much to go on, it totally got me psyched. For some reason, it brings me mental pictures of the Battle at Dumai’s Wells in The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan, where an army of so-called channelers wreak havoc on their enemy by bringing down lightning and blowing up the ground beneath their feet.

Of course, Latent will probably be completely different, but it promises to be a great military fantasy novel. Especially with Peter V. Brett vouching for it by saying there’s a lot of Cole in his books, and a lot of him in Cole’s. Can’t wait for 2012 to come.

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Stephan van Velzen
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