Giveaway: Factotum by D. M. Cornish (U.S.)

As part of our Locus Challenge, we are hosting a giveaway for three copies of Factotum by D.M. Cornish to three lucky readers in the United States, thanks to the generosity of G.P. Putnam’s Sons. Factotum by D.M. Cornish is on the Locus recommended reading list as one of the best young adult novels of the year 2010. Here’s the book blurb:

Rossamund Bookchild stands accused of not truly being a human at all, but of being a monster. Even the protection of Europe, the Branden Rose — the most feared and renowned monster-hunter in all the Half-Continent — might not be enough to save him. Powerful forces move against them both, intent on capturing Rossamund — whose existence some believe may hold the secret to perpetual youth.

Here’s praise for Factotum:

“If you love epic fantasy that is a mix of Tolkien and Dickens you will enjoy this series. Those who haven’t yet explored it I encourage you to start.” Kevin Holtsberry,

“Fast-paced with a sort of ancient feel to the vernacular and enhanced by drawings and maps, teen readers will want to join the Foundling and they aristocrat as they hunt monsters including people and seek clues to who Rossamund is especially since his search has awakened the most hideous lethal Monster Lords.” Harriet Klausner, Alternative Worlds

“Fans of Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book…will find Rossamund’s final foray into the wider world familiar and compelling.” Mary Arnold, VOYA

Factotum succeeds on so many levels. The world of the half-continent once again shifts into new cities and realms that only add to its ever-increasing complexity and beauty…Cornish also provides a satisfying conclusion to the story of Rossamund Bookchild, who is uncomfortable in the world of men and monsters, as he often learns throughout the trilogy that both can act quite contrary to their given nature and that oftentimes the division between the two is blurred. The journey that he takes to learn who and what he is and then to accept it is one filled with adventure and self-revelation. It’s also a journey worth reading and one that I hope is only just beginning.” Benjamin Boche,

To enter in the giveaway, you must:

  • Pledge to participate in our Locus challenge (you must comment on that post)
  • Make a good faith effort to read this book by April 1, 2011 if you win
  • Enter here

Best of luck, and happy reading! This giveaway ends March 9, 2011 at midnight Pacific time.

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Benni was born in a theater playing Star Wars, and has loved science fiction and fantasy ever since. She did go through a non-fiction phase, but now that her 50-70-hour/week job keeps her plenty occupied with non-fiction, she escapes when she can into the world of fantasy. Though clinically cleared of ADHD, Benni requires constant engagement, whether through good pacing, character development, or world-building. And while she would like to believe that she has more discerning taste than a child, she considers herself otherwise a good measure of whether a book will hold a child’s attention and do well if the movie rights are sold.

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