Free Giveaway: Win a set of Myke Cole’s Control Point and Fortress Frontier!

The Ranting Dragon loves Myke Cole’s Shadow Ops series! Seriously, these works of military fantasy blow our collective minds. The series is set in a world, much like our own, in which normal people randomly develop magical abilities. It’s a lot like The X-Men, except in Cole’s world, the American military has taken control of these “Latent” people and has turned magic into a weapon. Which then leads to a whole lot of epic stuff. If you want to know more, just take a look at our reviews of Control Point and Fortress Frontier, the first two books in the series.

And guess what! It’s the book birthday of Fortress Frontier today! Isn’t that the perfect reason to pick up this great series?

Not convinced? Check out the book trailer for the series. Surprisingly—what with the general quality of book trailers—this is actually a really good trailer!



So, why am I telling you all this?

Because, thanks to the wonderful people over at Ace Books, we are giving away five sets of these amazing books. If you live in the United States and you’ve always wanted to give these books a read (and you should!), display them neatly on your shelves (they are pretty!), or give them to a friend (that’d make you an extremely good person!), now is your chance!

All you have to do to enter this competition for a chance to win both Control Point and Fortress Frontier is fill out the form below before 23:59 (11:59 PM) Eastern on Friday February 1st. This competition is open to US residents only. Duplicate entries will be deleted.

Good luck to all, and a happy release day to Myke Cole!


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  1. I’ve heard a few others talking about this series. Sounds like a great blend with supernatural and so much more. 🙂 Thank you!

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