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NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. It started back in 1999 with a few people challenging each other to write a novel in a month, and has grown into a huge, international site with hundreds of thousands of people, who will be writing novels in November.

With that many people, there are bound to be some aspiring fantasy novelists out there. There’s an entire forum dedicated to the genre, and in that forum is a thread titled “Your Novel in 15 words or less.” We felt it would be nice to highlight some of the ones we would be interested in reading!


“Adorable pocketsized dragons will eat your face off.” – cynicalbrat

“Mercenaries trapped in a cycle of rebirth are charged with saving Earth – we’re doomed.” – hildred

“Boy must decide if monks, smugglers, sky pirates, Duke, or none are trustworthy. Also, chocolate.” – AnnieColleen

“In the eternal conflict between Magic and Technology, War has been declared.” – Gunns


“A fat guy and a winged girl build a mechanical dragon and save the world.” – martianlunatic

“Elf in exile takes revenge on hybrid humans by destroying their cities with a dragon.” – -Neurion-

“After a thief kills the subject of a prophecy, he takes the dead hero’s place.” – horse_chic11

“An inventor’s apprentice meets a revolutionary fae bent on derailing the industrial revolution.” – Smoshea

“True love triumphs when man is turned into squid-human hybrid. Then things get weird.” – Celsiana

“A trainee nun gets pregnant by an angel and has to run for her life.” – Freyas_Girl

“The embodiment of Spirit searches for the cause of the other Elements’ violent uprising.” – Jeffan

“When a goddess steals a magic stone, mankind gets involved in a war of gods.” – Hearttlight

“One man must prevent another from achieving godhood by ending the world, amid global conflict.” – thee_darcy

Are you a WriMo or do you have an idea for a novel that would be great to read? Comment with your 15 words! We’d love to hear ‘em!

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James Starke
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  1. I’ve written three fantasy novels as Nanos, and I was really excited to find this site on the Nano forums. OK, so here’s 14 words on my first Nano fantasy:

    Woman with bear spirit guide and cowardly wizard seeks destructive demon; objective: chain it.

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