Favorite Moments of The Dresden Files

Today is the release of Cold Days by Jim Butcher. This means that fans will finally get to read the book they have desperately waited a year for. It also means that today is the last day of our Dresden Mania. It’s been two wonderful weeks filled with awesome articles, interviews, and giveaways. Thank you, everyone, for participating with us and embracing the Dresden. Thank you for all your comments and all your tweets and retweets.

The Mania isn’t quite over yet, though. We’d like to end it with one last article listing some of your favorite moments, which you told us about in the signed cover print giveaway (which is still open for the rest of the day, by the way, as is the giveaway of the first three books in The Dresden Files).

Without further ado, here are some of your favorite Dresden moments:


From Grave Peril: Call me a romantic, but my favorite The Dresden Files moment was when Harry told Susan that he loved her. The reason that this moment really got to me was it is one of the few human moments that we see from Harry at that point. Although Harry is always cracking some sort of joke, it seems like he is simply using his jokes to hide from his pain and worries. With his proclamation of love, the reader finally gets to see a sliver of what makes Harry tick, what makes him human.

By Cameron, reviewer of The Ranting Dragon


My favorite Dresden moment is from White Night, where Harry and Warden Carlos Ramirez go to confront vampires of the White Court for their murdering of mortal practitioners. Not only did Harry get the opportunity to create a red carpet entrance with fire, but we finally got to see Carlos cut loose with some of his magic and abilities. Let’s just say that vampiric and ghoulish ass was kicked all over the place.

By Garrett, reviewer of The Ranting Dragon


My favorite Dresden moment is the beginning of Blood Rites. Harry is running away from a giant monkey demon who’s throwing gobs of flaming poo while carrying a box of puppies. On the way to returning the puppies to the Buddhist monk who hired Harry, one of the puppies climbs out of the box and hides in Harry’s car. Harry puppy-sits, and eventually adopts, the puppy as he’s never able to contact the monk again. This leads to the line from Murphy, “Is that a puppy in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?” Mouse (the adventurous puppy) grows up to be a kick-ass dog and sidekick.

By Janea, reviewer of The Ranting Dragon


My favorite moment was when Harry introduced Butters to the Alphas at the end of Turn Coat. “This is Waldo Butters, and his geek penis is longer and harder than all of ours put together.” Lol… ah geez. Still makes me smile. It’s classic Butcher though. Snappy one liner that helps disarm an uncomfortable situation.

By The Dread Pirate Grant


So many great moments, and reading these posts bring back so many more, but I think one of the most emotional was in Ghost Story, when Mister walks in the room and just thumps against Harry’s leg like nothing was different…

By David McLoughlin


“I used the knife.

I saved a child.

I won a war.

God forgive me.”

This is the first time Harry REALLY gets the true weight of what he’s involved in, and also gets an understanding of the cost of things. This is also one of the best examples of just how GOOD a writer Jim really is.

By Robert Durand


One of my favorite moments (who could pick just one?) is in Turn Coat when the Gatekeeper is confronting Harry on the dock at Demonreach. The Gatekeeper tells him that he can see the possible futures, and Harry’s chances of survival are almost non-existent. Then Harry jumps onto the shore and asks something to the equivalent of “How about now?” No big spells in that scene. No fire. Just Harry being Harry.

By LiskaMage


Oh where to start? So many wonderful moments! I guess my favorite has to be in the very first, Storm Front. He and Murphy need to get away from the giant scorpion, and she’s unconscious and handcuffed to him. The elevator, the wind up the shaft, the giant bug splat, the round energy shield to save them from the drop to the bottom. THAT’S when I realized I was going to LOVE reading these books. So, while there are millions of others, that one scene started me down the road to this wonderful Dresdenverse I’m so hooked on!

By Kelly Eagle


In Dead Beat, Harry riding around on an undead Tyrannosaurus obliterating zombies is probably one of the best things ever. So much smashing!

By Seandar Lavendar (and many others)


Do you have your own favorite moment? Let us know in the comments to the giveaway, and enter to win that gorgeous signed print of the Cold Days cover.

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