Anne Lyle

The Alchemist of Souls (Night’s Masque #1) by Anne Lyle

The Alchemist of Souls is Anne Lyle’s debut and the first in the Night’s Masque series. It’s an alternative history set in Elizabethan England. When English explorers reached the New World, they not only found Native Americans, but a mythological race of beings called the Skraylings. They’ve become major trading partners of England, but not everyone wants to see those ties ... Read More »

Top 20 Most Anticipated Speculative Novels Released in December 2012

Traditionally, December is a month in which the big publishers release fewer books, while the small press publishers try to put their books out there while everyone is doing their Christmas shopping. This year is no exception. However, what is exceptional is the sheer number of wonderful books that are coming out. In previous years, it’s always been a challenge ... Read More »