Adam Christopher

Ten Fantasy and Science-Fiction Novels Worth Reading in March 2014


One of The Ranting Dragon’s missions is to provide you, our readers, with some help in picking your next book to read. This is a mission we’ve always taken very seriously, trying to deliver informative reviews of recently released books. In the past, we also provided you with monthly lists of book releases to watch out for. Unfortunately, we’ve neglected ... Read More »

Top Twenty Most Anticipated Novels of March 2013

January was a great month for the speculative genre, and February may have been even better. Can this year really be great enough to churn out a third amazing month in a row? Possibly! March looks to be another great month, with novels from both superstar authors like Elizabeth Bear, Patricia Briggs, Orson Scott Card, Anne Bishop, and Robert J. ... Read More »

Top 20 Best Speculative Fiction Novels of 2012

It’s that time of year again, the time when every book review site tells you what their favorite books of the year were. At The Ranting Dragon, we’re quite proud of this year’s list. Thanks to our very diverse staff, we have books in a lot of genres, with plenty of high fantasy and urban fantasy, science fiction and young adult ... Read More »

Seven Wonders by Adam Christopher

Are we heading into a new age of comic book popularity, much like the Golden Age of Comics? Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy and Marvel’s Cinematic Universe seem to have dissolved the barrier between comic geeks and… well, everyone else. With films like Man of Steel, The Wolverine, Iron Man 3, Thor: The Dark World, and Kick-Ass 2, next year ... Read More »

The Cover Battle of 2012: Phase 2, Round 2

The second phase in the Cover Battle of 2012 is here! From a total of sixty covers, only twenty are left. These twenty are divided over two rounds of ten covers each. The four covers with the most votes in each round make it to the next phase: the quarter finals. Again, your vote makes the difference. It is up ... Read More »

The Cover Battle of 2012: Phase 1, Round 1

This December, The Ranting Dragon is trying something new: an epic cover battle! We will pitch sixty of the best covers of the year against each other—half of these selected by our team, the other half submitted by you—and our readers get to decide which of them wins the ultimate title of best cover of 2012. Any book released in 2012 ... Read More »

Top Twenty Most Anticipated Science Fiction and Fantasy Releases of August 2012 and a Competition!

As July—a great month for fans of speculative fiction—draws to an end, August is already attempting to beat it in greatness. It should come as no surprise (especially if you’ve read our early review of the book) that Mark Lawrence’s King of Thorns is our most anticipated novel of the month. There are plenty of surprises to make up the other nineteen books in ... Read More »

Interview with Adam Christopher

Adam Christopher is the debut author of Empire State, an ambitious parallel world, science fiction, detective noir standalone novel released in early January 2012. Recently, I had the pleasure of receiving an advance copy of Empire State and found it to be a fast-paced, exciting and unique read complete with memorable characters, a fascinating setting, and near-endless plot twists. The next logical ... Read More »