Five Star-Reviews

Words of Radiance (The Stormlight Archive #2) by Brandon Sanderson


Possibly the most-hyped release of 2014, and certainly The Ranting Dragon’s most anticipated novel for the year, is Brandon Sanderson’s Words of Radiance. And it sure lives up to the hype! This huge sequel to The Way of Kings and the second novel in The Stormlight Archive (of a planned ten) is the epitome of epic fantasy. Words of Radiance is ... Read More »

Chimes at Midnight (October Daye #7) by Seanan McGuire

In this seventh installment of Seanan McGuire’s bestselling urban fantasy series, October “Toby” Daye is finally getting her life in gear. She’s doing her job, her squire’s training is progressing, and she has a boyfriend in the local King of Cats, Tybalt. However, it’s not all green fields and rosebuds in Toby’s life. When the local changeling population begins to ... Read More »

River of Stars by Guy Gavriel Kay

River of Stars is the twelfth novel by Canadian author Guy Gavriel Kay and is based loosely on twelfth century China during the Song Dynasty. Like many of his works, Kay weaves historical names, places and events into a fictional tapestry that still retains the feel of historical work, while engaging the reader in the intensely character-driven style that makes his works ... Read More »

Fortress Frontier (Shadow Ops #2) by Myke Cole

Last year, Myke Cole’s magical US Army took the world by storm in Control Point. This February, its sequel in the Shadow Ops series, Fortress Frontier, raises the bar by adding more magic, American politics, and the Indian Army to the mix. It is an amazing combination of military fantasy, epic worldbuilding, and superhero influences, with action that sweeps you ... Read More »

The Emperor’s Soul by Brandon Sanderson

Brandon Sanderson has had a meteoric and well-deserved rise in the fantasy genre within the last decade. He has published more than a dozen novels, was chosen to finish Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series—and did that well!—and hosts the Hugo Award-winning podcast Writing Excuses. Sanderson’s trademark innovative magic systems, strong characters, and unique plot twists have gained him legions of fans. Though ... Read More »

Cold Days (The Dresden Files #14) by Jim Butcher

After some much-needed time off, Harry Dresden is now back in town. However, he is no longer just the only guy in the Chicago phonebook under the heading “Wizards.” Oh, no. He is now the Winter Knight and beholden to Mab, Queen of Air and Darkness, ruler of the Unseelie Court of the Sidhe. Mab’s word is now Harry Dresden’s ... Read More »

Ghost Story (The Dresden Files #13) by Jim Butcher

Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, Chicago’s only professional wizard, has been a lot of things in his life: friend, enemy, apprentice, teacher, guardian, avenger, victim, and lover; not to mention shot, stabbed, bruised, and beaten. But dead? That’s a new one in his book. When an unknown killer puts a bullet through Harry’s chest and leaves him to die in the ... Read More »

Ashes of Honor (October Daye #6) by Seanan McGuire

The sixth installment of New York Times bestselling author Seanan McGuire’s Toby Daye series, Ashes of Honor, returns us to San Francisco and the world of changeling October Daye. It’s been a year since the events of the previous novel, One Salt Sea, and Toby still hasn’t fully recovered from the personal losses she sustained during that time. She’s been ... Read More »

King of Thorns (Broken Empire #2) by Mark Lawrence

Our favorite debut of last year was unquestionably Mark Lawrence’s Prince of Thorns, a dark, brutally captivating tale of epic fantasy—or low; opinions on that were divided. This August will bring us King of Thorns, the second volume in The Broken Empire and sequel to Prince of Thorns. What he started in his debut, Lawrence expands in King of Thorns. Again, ... Read More »

Miserere by Teresa Frohock

Miserere is the debut novel of Teresa Frohock, released mid-2011 by Night Shade Books. A mesmerizing dark fantasy that showcases Frohock’s admirable talent as a writer, Miserere is an utterly compelling tale and pleasure to read. The story takes place primarily in Woerld, one of a hierarchy of parallel dimensions that also include Hell, Earth and Heaven. Woerld is located ... Read More »