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Guest Post by Sunstone Author Freya Robertson: Cycles


Somebody asked me (jokingly, I think) on Twitter the other day whether I could sum up my new epic fantasy, Sunstone, in one word. I was, like, uh… no, not really. How can you condense 160,000 words into one? Epic? Or maybe… fantasy? He pressed me, though, so I trawled through a variety in my head. Adventure? Courage? Battle? Medieval? ... Read More »

The Cormorant (Miriam Black #3) by Chuck Wendig


When someone mentions Chuck Wendig, there are a couple of things that come to mind. “Whiskey-imbued soupcatcher-wearing penmonkey master of the profane” is number one. Miriam Black is number two. And the foul-mouthed miscreant is back in The Cormorant, the follow-up to Wendig’s previous hit novels, Blackbirds and Mockingbird. Being able to see how and when people die has always ... Read More »

She Returns from War (Cora Oglesby #2) by Lee Collins

She Returns from War is the second novel from American author Lee Collins, and it continues the story of old west supernatural gun-slinger Cora Oglesby four years after the events of her debut in The Dead of Winter. Nobody retires from a job like this She Returns from War opens with the tragic story of young Englishwoman Victoria Dawes, who, ... Read More »

A Discourse in Steel (Tales of Egil & Nix #2) by Paul S. Kemp

A Discourse in Steel is the second book in Paul S. Kemp’s new sword and sorcery series, Tales of Egil and Nix. In this book, our intrepid heroes try once again to retire, and fail once again to avoid falling headlong into crazy adventures and deadly peril. Building on previous successes Second books are always tough. There’s a bit of a ... Read More »

I for One Welcome Our New Robot Overlords

DISCLAIMER: As always, my opinion pieces reflect only my own personal opinions, and do not necessarily reflect those of Ranting Dragon or any other staff member. As you’ve probably guessed from the title of this piece, I’m here to talk to you today about the publishing house Angry Robot and why, in my opinion, they are the best speculative fiction ... Read More »

The Hammer and the Blade (Egil and Nix #1) by Paul S. Kemp

The Hammer and the Blade is a series-debuting novel by New York Times bestseller Paul S. Kemp. It introduces us to the adventuring duo of Egil, a warrior-priest, and his erstwhile companion Nix, a sneak, rogue, thief, and general ne’er-do-well, as they loot tombs, quaff ale, and generally get in over their heads. Hilarity ensues. A Tale of Egil and ... Read More »

The Dead of Winter (Cora Oglesby #1) by Lee Collins

The Dead of Winter is the début novel by American author Lee Collins, and billed as “True Grit meets True Blood,” it’s a paranormal western action mystery (I know right!?). It pits the investigating gunfighters Cora and her husband Ben Oglesby against vampires and other supernatural enemies in the silver mining town of Leadville, Colorado. Certainly a novel concept It ... Read More »

Hell to Pay (To Hell and Back #3) by Matthew Hughes

Hell to Pay is the third book in the To Hell and Back series by British-Canadian author Matthew Hughes. It continues the story of Chesney Arnstruther and his superhero alter-ego, The Actionary, as he tries to do some good in the world, even if his powers come directly from the pits of Hell. Christopher Moore meets Kevin Smith Throughout Hell ... Read More »

The Alchemist of Souls (Night’s Masque #1) by Anne Lyle

The Alchemist of Souls is Anne Lyle’s debut and the first in the Night’s Masque series. It’s an alternative history set in Elizabethan England. When English explorers reached the New World, they not only found Native Americans, but a mythological race of beings called the Skraylings. They’ve become major trading partners of England, but not everyone wants to see those ties ... Read More »

Mockingbird (Miriam Black #2) by Chuck Wendig

Blackbirds, Chuck Wendig’s fantastical first Miriam Black novel, opened with a scene that made my eyes go wide and then stick to the pages like a starved dog with a side of meat. It pulled me along, chapter by hectic chapter, leaving me panting and glad that I had found out about his books when he had already published a ... Read More »