Ranting Dragon’s Favorite

Ranting Dragon’s Favorite Speculative Subgenre

Speculative fiction isn’t an old genre. While its subgenres have been around forever, they have only recently been grouped as speculative genres. Yet, it’s a perfect invention. After all, most of us geeks who love one of those subgenres like the others as well. Every geek has his favorite genre, as does the Ranting Dragon staff. This week, our team ... Read More »

Ranting Dragon’s Favorite Magic System

Magic is probably the foundation of all things fantasy. It comes in many styles, systems, flavors, and colors. Some fantasy authors use detailed, almost science-like systems for their magic, while others leave their magic a mystery for all but their world’s most skilled wizards. That variety is a good thing, for everyone likes their magic differently. This week, our team ... Read More »

Ranting Dragon’s Favorite Children’s Novel

Did you grow up reading books? Are there any particular books you read as a child that you have fond memories of? Our staff members definitely have such books. Here are our favorite children’s novels: . Watership Down by Richard Adams By Michelle I remember reading it when I was very young, and then I read it again more recently. ... Read More »

Ranting Dragon’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure

In these introductions, I usually write something about how we can all relate to the subject, and how most of us have our own favorites. While this is probably true for guilty pleasures, it is apparently not a given to have a guilty pleasure. Some of our staff members would argue that there is no such thing as a guilty ... Read More »

Ranting Dragon’s Favorite Ancient Mythology

In the few millennia since men started building fires and speaking words to each other, they have created a very colorful history. One of the historic topics that best captures our imagination is ancient mythology. It is intriguing and amazing to see the creations of those that walked our planet before us. Brandon Sanderson may be today’s most popular worldbuilder, ... Read More »

Ranting Dragon’s Favorite Film Adaption

We all love books. I mean, you wouldn’t be visiting The Ranting Dragon if you didn’t, right? Most of us probably like films as well—but when those things come together, madness happens. Film adaptions can really only go two directions: either an adaption receives praise and love, or everyone absolutely hates it. Today, though, we are only looking at those ... Read More »

Ranting Dragon’s Favorite Sword

Who doesn’t love swords? They come in many styles, they are in pretty much every work of fantasy and many a science fiction work, and everyone loves them. The best thing about swords, however, is that they can have personality. There are many swords in the world of SFF that do not only have their own name, they even have ... Read More »

Ranting Dragon’s Favorite Couple

Hey, look! Ranting Dragon’s Favorite is back! Our website has been a bit quiet these past months, what with most of our team members being busy doing other things and not having the time to really update the site. Most of us have caught up to life, though, and thus, we are diving into the realms of Speculative Fiction once more to ... Read More »

Ranting Dragon’s Favorite… Genre Reviewers of 2011!

Merry Christmas everyone! To celebrate Christmas and the end of the year, this week’s Ranting Dragon’s Favorite will be a little different. Today, we will be looking at some of our favorite reviewers of the blogosphere—specifically those that wowed us during the year past. Though our Favorites lists only contain five mentions, there are many more great blogs and websites ... Read More »

Ranting Dragon’s Favorite… Female Protagonist!

Last week, we took a long, hard look at male protagonists. This week, we’ll look at the women from our favorite books. In no particular order, here are some of our staff’s favorite female protagonists: . Monza Murcatto By Michelle When in doubt, pick a badass! There are plenty of interesting protagonists regardless of gender but one of my recent favorites ... Read More »