Genre Introduction

Twenty Must Read Dystopian Novels – An Introduction to the Genre

It’s been a while since we’ve given you a genre list, and it’s past time for this one. Suzanne Collins put dystopian literature back on the map as a major subgenre of speculative fiction with her Hunger Games trilogy. But what do you read when you set down Mockingjay? Or finish watching the films? What book will fill your need ... Read More »

Introduction to The Forgotten Realms

The Forgotten Realms is a fantasy setting which was created by Ed Greenwood in the 1960s, which came to commercial use in 1987 as a campaign setting for the Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game. Spellfire was the first of what would come to be well over one hundred novels and collections of short stories published by Ed Greenwood that same year. In ... Read More »

Twenty Must-read Indie Fantasy & Science Fiction Novels – An Introduction to Self-Published Books Worth a Look


My name is Michael J. Sullivan. I was asked by The Ranting Dragon to create a list introducing readers to some of the best self-published speculative fiction. For those who don’t know, I myself have roots in self-publishing, and have earned my place on io9’s Most Successful Self-Published Sci-Fi and Fantasy Authors list. I sold 70,000 books (across five titles) ... Read More »

Twenty Must Read Retold Tales – An Introduction to the Genre

As part of our ongoing genre introduction series, we’ve decided to share a list of retold tales that will forever change the way you think about some old childhood favorites. This genre is often called Mythic Fiction, but we’ve chosen to be a bit more restrictive in our list than that larger category. Virtually every fantasy work draws in some ... Read More »

Twenty Must-read Finished Fantasy Epics – An Introduction to the Genre


This list aims to provide an introductory overview of the epic fantasy genre and a resource for those who may be interested in reading an epic series but don’t quite know what is available or what might be worth reading. For this list, we’re only including finished series. This is partly to narrow down the number of possibilities, and partly because we ... Read More »

Twenty Must Read Steampunk Books – An Introduction to the Genre

This list is the first in a projected series of genre introduction lists intended to provide extensive overviews of various speculative subgenres. They aim to provide a resource for anyone who is interested in a particular subgenre but doesn’t quite know where to start. While this list is by no means all-encompassing, we believe that if you read some of ... Read More »