Giants of Fantasy

Giants of Fantasy: Jim Butcher

Question: To whom do the following all apply? Martial arts enthusiast Tabletop and digital gamer Proud owner of a two hundred-acre LARP farm Sadistic man who thrives on the anguished screams and tears of his fans Hit #1 on the …

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Giants of Fantasy: Robin Hobb

Margaret Ogden is known to modern fantasy readers by her pen name, Robin Hobb. Hobb’s most prominent stories are set in the Realm of the Elderlings, including The Liveship Traders trilogy and the iconic story of Fitzchivalry Farseer, contained in the Farseer and …

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Giants of Fantasy: George R. R. Martin

As our first Giant of Fantasy, George R. R. Martin is incredibly well-known among fantasy readers (and HBO viewers) and needs little introduction. He is getting one anyway. Martin’s professional writing career began with science fiction short stories, several of …

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