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Game Review of Dead Space (2008)

In preparation for Dead Space 3, I decided to go back and replay the series thus far so to remind myself of the story, and to properly review them. Dead Space was released in October of 2008 for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC. This review is of the Xbox 360 version. It is the year 2508, and you ... Read More »

Game Review of Persona 4: Golden

For the last few years, remakes have become a fashionable trend in the video game industry.  These remakes range from beloved Japanese Role Playing Games (JRPG) such as Final Fantasy IV to the whimsical Mario 64. Although the former titles evoke recognition in most gamers, the title I am reviewing probably will not: Persona 4: Golden, which is a remake of the ... Read More »

Top 30 Most Anticipated Genre Video Games of 2013

This past year, 2012, was a year of ups and downs in the world of gaming. The ending of the Mass Effect trilogy left a bad taste in many mouths; Portal 2 surpassed the original in every way; Resident Evil 6 was a disappointment to fans of the series; and Halo made its triumphant return despite the naysayers. However, that ... Read More »