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The Legend of Korra Episode Review: Welcome to Republic City & A Leaf in the Wind

It’s been almost four years since Nickelodeon’s amazing animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender ended its three season run. Sure, there was a half-hearted attempt to adapt the story to the big screen, but I think we can all agree M. Night Shyamalan’s interpretation never rose to the occasion. But now we have The Legend of Korra, a Last Airbender ... Read More »

Review of The Walking Dead: Season 1

For years, zombies shambled about on our silver screens, eating our flesh and brains and generally just ruining our hypothetical lives. After that came the zombie humor fad, with films like Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland hitting the box office. Then AMC decided to bring zombies, or walkers, to your television. I should note that they did this spectacularly. ... Read More »

The Walking Dead Episode Review: Secrets

For two seasons now, secrets have been kept. Lies have been told. Poor Glenn has become the catalyst for the revelation of the entirety of the survivor’s secrets, both those of the original crew and those of Herschel’s people. Less focused on philosophy This episode is much less of an ethical debate than most but it doesn’t ignore the idea altogether. It ... Read More »

The Walking Dead Episode Review: Chupacabra

The theme to Chupacabra seems to be the way we view the world. Is it real? Who is the better leader? What are you hiding? Did I miss something? The questions that relate to illusion and misconception are strongly ingrained in Chupacabra. But nonetheless this episode still retains the slowly building plot progression that this season of The Walking Dead has ... Read More »

The Walking Dead Episode Review: Cherokee Rose

After several slow episodes full of medical drama, religious contemplation and dramatic tension, I was really hoping for the pace to pick up. But while a lot did happen in this episode, almost none of it was on the surface action. Touching by disappointing The ‘find Sophia’ dramatic arc has now extended for four episodes, and it has been three ... Read More »

Once Upon a Time Episode Review: The Thing You Love Most

The pilot episode of Once Upon a Time has the very happy feel-good elements any fairy tale needs. And, like the best tales, it speaks to the child in each of our hearts, inspiring daydreams of knights on white horses and damsels in distress, princes and princesses. While absolutely amazing, it has a depth similar to a standalone movie; a ... Read More »

Once Upon a Time Episode Review: Pilot

The pilot episode of fantasy-drama Once Upon a Time, ABC’s biggest debut in five years, opens as Prince Charming and Snow White are about to reach their happily ever after. Unfortunately, the Evil Queen has other plans. She vows to destroy their happiness so she can have her own happily ever after, trapping them and the other fairy tale characters ... Read More »

The Walking Dead Episode Review: Save The Last One

Season 2 of The Walking Dead seems to be moving toward thematic television, proposing ethical dilemmas and confronting various issues amidst the zombie apocalypse. The pace of the show has drastically slowed down since the events of What Lies Ahead. It is not that the episodes are fillers; it is just they are progressing slowly to assist character development and build ... Read More »

Terra Nova Episode Review: The Runaway

Terra Nova’s fifth episode, The Runaway, saw a much-needed return to the show’s overall story arc. So far, with the exception of the pilot episode Genesis, Terra Nova has only been an average series. There’s definitely a lot of potential, but so far, it remained untapped. When an orphaned Sixer girl shows up on Terra Nova’s doorstep, however, we finally get ... Read More »

The Walking Dead Episode Review: Bloodletting

Bloodletting is the second episode of season 2 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. The title of the episode is an accurate assessment of the episode’s theme. Losing blood and giving it, blood that is poisoned and blood that is healthy. The episode flashes back to another pre-apocalyptic scene, taking place after the car chase that incapacitated Rick. It helps lead ... Read More »