Dresden Mania

Favorite Moments of The Dresden Files

Today is the release of Cold Days by Jim Butcher. This means that fans will finally get to read the book they have desperately waited a year for. It also means that today is the last day of our Dresden Mania. It’s been two wonderful weeks filled with awesome articles, interviews, and giveaways. Thank you, everyone, for participating with us ... Read More »

Interview with Anne Sowards, Editor of Ace and Roc

During last year’s New York Comic Con, Garrett sat down with Anne Sowards, executive editor of Penguin’s speculate imprints Ace and Roc. We’ve been sitting on the interview for a while, but since Sowards is the editor for Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files, among other things, this seemed like the perfect time to share it with you. If you’re a ... Read More »

White Night (The Dresden Files #9) by Jim Butcher

In book nine of The Dresden Files, Jim Butcher’s bestselling series, we return to the world of Harry Dresden, wizard private eye. White Night sees Harry with a new apprentice, a bit of a new reputation, and a new case: someone has been murdering the magical practitioners of Chicago and leaving references to the book of Exodus and the killing of ... Read More »

Win a Signed Print of Cold Days by Chris McGrath

At the start of this big Dresden Mania thing—how are you liking it so far, anyway?—we promised there would be a second free giveaway that’s especially interesting for diehard fans of The Dresden Files. Well, today, it is time for that giveaway! Courtesy of Chris McGrath, we are giving away a signed print of his artwork for Cold Days. It’s ... Read More »

Interview with Chris McGrath, Cover Artist

A couple of years ago, after the cover art to Jim Butcher’s Ghost Story was announced and I subsequently fell in love with it, I tracked down the artist to ask about the possibility of getting a print. That artist was none other than Chris McGrath—who I then had the pleasure to meet in person at New York Comic Con ... Read More »

Giants of Fantasy: Jim Butcher

Question: To whom do the following all apply? Martial arts enthusiast Tabletop and digital gamer Proud owner of a two hundred-acre LARP farm Sadistic man who thrives on the anguished screams and tears of his fans Hit #1 on the New York Times bestseller fiction list … Multiple times Answer: Jim Butcher. Longshotauthor Let’s start with Writer Jim™, shall we? ... Read More »

Interview with Fred Hicks, Co-President of Evil Hat Productions, LLC

What with this being our Dresden Mania bonanza-fest and all, and with the graphic novels and television show getting some coverage, I thought it Right™ and Good™ that the Dresden Files Roleplaying Game (DFRPG) get some lovin’, too. And to that end, I lined up an interview with a friend of mine: Fred Hicks (Awesome Dude With Purple Hair™ in the banner ... Read More »

Free Giveaway: Storm Front, Fool Moon, Grave Peril

It’s the second day of Dresden Mania, and as we teased yesterday, it’s time for a free giveaway! Courtesy of Roc Books, we are giving away a package of the first three books in Jim Butcher’s The Dresden Files. If you loved the books but don’t own them yet, or if you’ve always wondered what all the fuss is about, ... Read More »

Welcome to the Dresden Files Mania!

Are you a fan of The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher? Well, then we have great news for you—though you probably already know! In two weeks, the new novel in The Dresden Files, Cold Days, comes out. But the good news doesn’t end there. The Ranting Dragon will celebrate these two weeks with Dresden Mania. Two weeks, completely dedicated to ... Read More »