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Exclusive Excerpt from Infidel by Kameron Hurley

This December, the wonderful people at Night Shade Books are hosting a holiday countdown, encompassing a wide variety of articles by Night Shade authors, giveaways, and excerpts around the blogosphere. Today is the third day in the countdown, and we have been given the honor to host an exclusive excerpt from Infidel by Kameron Hurley, as well as a guest ... Read More »

A Logo and a Dragon Giveaway Contest!

After an entire year of The Ranting Dragon, one huge thing was still missing. Well, not anymore! The Ranting Dragon now has its very own cool logo. Seriously, I’m so psyched about it. Nancy, a good friend of the site and member of our forums, made this logo for us, and it is absolutely fabulous. Her artist name is Aloren and she does ... Read More »

HBO’s Game of Thrones by David Benioff and D.B. Weiss

As the man himself has said many times, George R. R. Martin wrote A Game of Thrones (and indeed the other existing entries in A Song of Ice and Fire) without considering translation to the screen. In fact, Martin had become frustrated with the restrictions that budgets placed on his ability to tell stories as a television writer, and revelled in ... Read More »

Video: Peter Orullian's Cradle of the Scar

Debuting author Peter Orullian is growing more popular every day, and not without cause. Not only is his highly anticipated debut novel The Unremembered, first in a new epic series titled The Vault of Heaven, coming out next month, he is also releasing a series a short stories set in the same world. One of these short stories, The Cradle ... Read More »

Want To Get Published?

Now that I have your attention, I’ll explain! Angry Robot Books is a genre book publisher that is starting a brand new initiative for the month of March. Throughout the month, they will be accepting science fiction, fantasy, and horror manuscripts from new writers. No agent? No problem! This opportunity is specifically tailored for the new guys who don’t happen ... Read More »

The Lost Gate: Tor putting on a show

Orson Scott Card is releasing a new fantasy series, titled The Mither Mages. The first book in this series, The Lost Gate, will be released on January 4. As Tor so often does with these big releases, they are putting on quite a show. The first thing they’ve given us is a nice excerpt of the first chapters of the ... Read More »

Sacrifice of the First Sheason

“It’s not enough to merely shape the world.” At least not for Peter Orullian, according to his publisher Tor. Orullian’s upcoming debut novel The Unremembered was the very first book we featured in our Anticipation series and is, to date, the 2011 novel I’m most looking forward to. Orullian, however, seems determined to offer a lot more than just a ... Read More »

Brandon Sanderson book giveaway

We usually don’t advertise giveaways that we don’t organize ourselves. For this one giveaway, however, we will gladly make an exception. This Sanderson giveaway is being organized by our own reviewer Manon at her Brandon Sanderson fan website, Adonalsium. Manon is giving away no less than five of Sanderson’s books to three lucky winners, and all you have to do ... Read More »

Pirates, you be bleedin' 'em dry

The Speculative Scotsman has written an interesting article about book piracy over at his blog. He writes about Celine Kiernan, author of The Poison Throne, who has recently posted a blog about the subject, politely asking people to stop stealing money from her pocket. The way Kiernan asks pirates to stop stealing her book appeals to me. Combined with the ... Read More »

The question of embargoes

A huge book like Towers of Midnight, the penultimate volume of The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson, sells itself and, as such, doesn’t need many advanced reading copies shipped to reviewers. Besides, the fans of the book hate to be spoiled before they can read the book for themselves on November 2. For those reasons, Tor ... Read More »