Book Club Giveaway – Greatshadow by James Maxey

The Ranting Dragon book club will be back in June, and we will be kicking it off by reading James Maxey’s fantasy adventure Greatshadow. Greatshadow is the first book in the Dragon Apocalypse series, followed by Hush (July 2012) and Witchbreaker (January 2013).

The book is tagged as an enthusiastic blend of the superhero and fantasy genres and our reviewer, Janea, describes the book as “Win. Lots of win.” Check out the full review here.

Thanks to the people at Solaris Books, we have six copies of Greatshadow to give away in preparation for June. The giveaway will end on Tuesday, May 15th 23:59 EST and is open worldwide. To join the giveaway, all you have to do is fill out the form below and, whether or not you win, please join our book club in June!

As always, anyone who would like to read the book is encouraged to join the discussion and, with the second volume hitting shelves in July, now is a great time to get in on the action.

For anyone who needs any more encouragement, here’s the blurb for Greatshadow:

Greatshadow is the primal dragon of fire, an elemental evil whose malign intelligence spies upon mankind through every candle flame, waiting to devour any careless victim he can claim. The Church of the Book has assembled a team of twelve battle-hardened adventurers to slay the dragon once and for all. But tensions run high between the leaders of the team who view mission as a holy duty and the super-powered mercenaries who add power to their ranks, who view the mission primarily as a chance to claim Greatshadow’s vast treasure trove. If the warrior fails to slay the beast, will they doom mankind to death by fire.

Feel free to sign up to our forums and join this month or future months of our book club. We’d love to see you around!


This giveaway has ended and winners have been contacted. Thank you all for participating, we look forward to seeing you in June’s book club.

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  1. Despite the cover (the person on the cover falls into the Uncanny valley for me), the review you did of Greatshadow intrigues me…

  2. The blurb interests me well enough.

  3. Really enjoyed Maxey’s Nobody Gets the Girl. So really looking forward to see what Maxey can bring to the table in this genre!

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