Book Club Giveaway: Empire in Black and Gold

Empire in Black and Gold
Empire in Black and Gold

By now, our first Ranting Dragon book club is in full swing. We are reading Lamentation by Ken Scholes together, and you’re welcome to join in if you’ve recently read it or wish to read it with us. Additionally, it is time to announce the book for our November book club. Next month, we will be reading Empire in Black and Gold by Adrian Tchaikovsky.

In preparation, we are giving away three copies of this great epic fantasy novel. The giveaway ends on Sunday, October 23 at noon EST and is open worldwide. To join the giveaway, all you have to do is fill out the form below and, if you win, join our book club in November—of course, even if you don’t win, you’re still welcome to join.

Empire in Black and Gold is the first volume in Tchaikovsky’s epic Shadows of the Apt series. The seventh volume in the series, Heirs to the Blade, came out recently. Here’s Empire‘s blurb:

The city states of the Lowlands have lived in peace for decades, bastions of civilization, prosperity and sophistication, protected by treaties, trade and a belief in the reasonable nature of their neighbours.

But meanwhile, in far-off corners, the Wasp Empire has been devouring city after city with its highly trained armies, its machines, it killing Art… And now its hunger for conquest and war has become insatiable.

Only the ageing Stenwold Maker, spymaster, artificer and statesman, can see that the long days of peace are over. It falls upon his shoulders to open the eyes of his people, before a black-and-gold tide sweeps down over the Lowlands and burns away everything in its path.

But first he must stop himself from becoming the Empire’s latest victim.

Feel free to sign up to our forums and join this edition or future editions of our book club.



Unfortunately, the giveaway had ended. Winners will be notified via email. Of course, you are welcome to join the book club in November!

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  1. That is a pretty smoking cover – story doesn’t sound half bad too haha. I kid I kid – definitely lust there.
    Pabkins @ Mission to Read

  2. Chericenter-rantingdragon

    I’ve sent in an erroneous entry, please disregard first entry 🙂

    Thank you for the chance to win!
    Cherry Mischievous

  3. Drat I Missed the give-away, I just finished Dragonfly Falling, the 2nd book.

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