Benni Amato

Benni was born in a theater playing Star Wars, and has loved science fiction and fantasy ever since. She did go through a non-fiction phase, but now that her 50-70-hour/week job keeps her plenty occupied with non-fiction, she escapes when she can into the world of fantasy. Though clinically cleared of ADHD, Benni requires constant engagement, whether through good pacing, character development, or world-building. And while she would like to believe that she has more discerning taste than a child, she considers herself otherwise a good measure of whether a book will hold a child’s attention and do well if the movie rights are sold.

Huntress by Malinda Lo

Huntress is Malinda Lo’s second young adult novel.  It is billed as a prequel to Ash, though the threads that tie the two books together are light; for example, the main characters do not overlap.  In Huntress, we follow two …

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Feed (Newsflesh #1) by Mira Grant

Feed by Mira Grant (pen name for Seanan McGuire) is the first book in Newsflesh trilogy, documenting the adventures of bloggers and adoptive siblings Georgia “George” and Shaun Mason. Set in 2034, twenty years after the zombie apocalypse, the Mason …

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Ash by Malinda Lo

Ash is a gay retelling of the Cinderella tale that challenges the assumptions underlying many fairy tales—namely, that all girls merely yearn for their princes to come rescue them from their lives.  While the protagonist Ash does wish she can escape the …

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Interview With Artist Kekai Kotaki

Kekai Kotaki is the artist behind the U.S. cover for The Quantum Thief by Hannu Rajaniemi, one the books on the Locus recommended reading list. You may also recognize his work as Lead Concept Artist for Guild Wars 2. We …

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Vegas Knights by Matt Forbeck

Vegas Knights is a standalone novel, described on the cover as “Ocean’s Eleven meets Harry Potter as two student wizards try to scam a Vegas casino…using magic!”  Harry Potter is the go-to cover blurb shorthand for wizardry nowadays, and while …

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