Announcing the Most Beautiful Cover of 2012!

It was a long, bloody, and epic battle. Some were brutally slaughtered in the early rounds. Others fought valiantly, only to be bested near the end. Two, only two, made it to the prophesied last fight. Each of them fought bravely, yet respectfully, but when the dust cleared, only one true winner emerged victorious…

Ladies and gentlemen!

Allow me to introduce to you the cover of your choice, the best, most gorgeous front of a book released in the year 2012:


Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig,

with the design of Joey Hi-Fi!



Congratulations to Chuck Wendig, for writing an amazing book worthy of such a wonderful cover (there’s a review of Blackbirds here, by the way) and fighting so bravely against a mighty foe. Congrats to Angry Robot Books, who published a book that looks dang fine on shelves across the globe. And especially, many congratulations to Joey Hi-Fi for creating the most beautiful cover of the year. Just look at the sheer amount of detail in that cover!

For Seanan McGuire, whose cover of Discount Armageddon, created by Aly Fell, came second, I bow. She put up one heck of a fight, and kept the battle interesting until the very end. The cover of Discount Armageddon is the second most gorgeous cover of 2012, and deservedly so.

Here are the final results of this epic battle:


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If you want to see the history of this Cover Battle with an overview of all the fights, check out the big introduction article here.

Last, but far from least, a big thank you to our readers and all the votes they have cast, and to all the authors, artists, and publishers featured in this Cover Battle for supporting it, blogging about it, and encouraging it. I had a whole lot of fun hosting this battle, and that was all because of you! I look forward to next year’s battle.

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Stephan van Velzen
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  1. CONGRATULATIONS to Joey Hi-Fi and Chuck Wendig! A well deserved win! Well done! 🙂

  2. I’d like to say thanks to the Ranting Dragon for hosting this and running this bracketed battle. And congrats to Aly fell and Seanan McGuire and all the other authors and cover artists for rockin’ it out in the year of 2012. Thanks too to Angry Robot and the mighty power of Joey Hi-Fi, whose cover still geeks me out to this day. Finally, thanks to those who voted! 🙂

  3. Congratulations to everyone involved with the winning cover! It really is a stunning piece of work, and did play a part in me deciding to give Blackbirds a try which I enjoyed very much!

    Ranting Dragon folks: This was fun. Make this a yearly feature on the site please!

  4. Congratulations to Chuck and Angry Robot! It really is an awesome cover.
    And thanks, Ranting Dragon, for hosting the cover battle. It was great fun and I enjoyed it!. What a lot of fantastic covers.

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